AHSIE Ambassador Form

AHSIE Ambassador Volunteer Form

  • Thank you for your interest in joining the AHSIE Familia!

    We appreciate your willingness to serve as an AHSIE Ambassador Conference Volunteer.

    We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization (that's right, we do what we do with no staff!) and we appreciate the dedication and service of our Members to help us carry out our mission.

    Please fill out your information below, and we will contact you about volunteering at the annual conference!
  • Please be sure you have reviewed the AHSIE Ambassador Conference Volunteer Descriptions 2017-18 at www.ahsie.org/volunteer/ before making your selection.
  • The conference programming will will take place March 25-28, 2018 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We will have setup and registration activities beginning on Saturday, March 24th.

    Will you be attending the conference as a registered attendee?
  • AHSIE will be providing an orientation and training for Ambassadors on the afternoon of Saturday, March 24th and again on the morning of Sunday, March 25th. Will you be available to attend one of these orientations?
  • Please indicate which of the following days during the conference you are available to volunteer.

    Select all that apply. A schedule will be developed and provided prior to the conference.
  • Please indicate below, the time of day you prefer to start a shift. Select all that apply.
  • Please tell us briefly about your interest in volunteering as an AHSIE Ambassador. What can you contribute and and how do hope to benefit from the volunteer experience?
  • Please describe your volunteer experience. List your previous and current community activities (clubs, religious, fraternal, civic organizations, etc.).
  • Please use the space below to share any other information you'd like for us to know, or to further describe/ explain any of your responses above.