2019 HSI Grantsmanship Institute

The HSI Grantsmanship Institute will be a hands-on, interactive and dynamic experience designed to help HSI staff and faculty identify funding opportunities, plan and develop effective applications that meet institutional needs, and write strong, competitive applications for U.S. Dept of Ed Title V and National Science Foundation (NSF) HSI along with other NSF grants focused on diversifying the STEM field.

The Grantsmanship Institute will be divided into TWO SEPARATE INSTITUTES. One focused on US Dept of Ed Title V/III grants and the other on NSF Grants. Each institute will have a separate group of facilitators who have experience with developing and writing successful grants for these two funding agencies.

Campuses should consider sending TWO teams if they are interested in both institutes. The NSF focused team should primarily include STEM faculty as they will have to be the Principal Investigators (PIs) for these grants. If a campus does choose to send two teams, the teams will have opportunity to meet and discuss with one another how to leverage Dept. of Ed and NSF grants for maximum benefit, for their institutions and most importantly their students.

Please note that each institute has a maximum capacity of 100 participants. Register early!

Event Hours:

Day 1: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Day 2: 8:00am – 4:00pm


AHSIE Members: $395
Non Members: $495

Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your institute registration and receive a full refund, less a $75.00 processing fee, by notifying AHSIE in writing of the cancellation no later than December 31, 2018No refunds will be granted after December 31st, although substitutions will be allowed at any time.

Refunds and substitutions should be requested by emailing to the following:

E-mail: info@ahsie.org

Lodging & Travel

1.4 Miles from SkySong (Shuttle Service)
Scottsdale, AZ
0.3 Miles from SkySong (No Shuttle Service)
0.4 Miles from SkySong (No Shuttle Service)  (3rd party personal car service to/from airport $20.00)
0.5 Miles from SkySong (No Shuttle Service)
1.4 Miles from Skysong (No Shuttle Service)
1.5 Miles Skysong (No Shuttle Service)

Driving & Parking Information

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AHSIE Title V/III Grantsmanship Institute Presenters/Facilitators

David Trujillo, MA has spent the last 40 years in the grant-seeking and sponsored programs arena, and has thirty-plus years of experience working at Title III/Title V-eligible institutions. As a staff member and an external advisor, he has assisted over 40 colleges and universities obtain Title III and Title V funding.  His work in grants development and…Read More

Leslie Hopper, MA has worked in Higher Education on behalf of Hispanic Serving Institutions since 2005. She describes “becoming enlightened” about the differences between “Hispanic Enrolling” and “Hispanic Serving” Institutions as the Sponsored Programs Officer for Sul Ross State University near the Texas-Mexico Border. Leslie broadened her…Read More

John Grew, PhD is Professor and Chair of Biology at New Jersey City University. Dr. Grew earned a Ph.D. from New York University and is a cell biologist with research interests in connective tissue responses to biomaterials with specified surface chemistry and microgeometry. He joined the NJCU faculty in 1995 as…Read More

Christopher Beltran is the Owner of Southwest Development Group. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish from Colorado State University-Pueblo as well as a Master’s of Social Work from Colorado State University-Fort Collins. He has 3 decades of proposal development and proposal writing experience with a distinct focus on access, achievement, and equity among…Read More

Rebecca Teague is the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, Research, and Grants at Mt. San Jacinto College in California. She joined MSJC in 2004 as the college’s first Grant Writer and has since served as the Coordinator of Grants…Read More

AHSIE Title V/III Grantsmanship Institute Preparation

Dear Colleague:
We are looking forward to working with you at the HSI Grantsmanship Institute two weeks from now.  In the interest of making the Institute optimally useful to you, I’m attaching a couple of documents.  While we will be displaying other documents, these may come in handy: (a) the Federal Register announcement on potential Competitive Preference Priorities, and (b) an overview of the 2017 Title V scoring rubric, which is unlikely to change substantively.
We also encourage you to bring to the Institute (a) any working drafts or narrative describing the Title V project you’re planning, (b) a copy of any unsuccessful 2017 application along with the readers’ comments, and/or (c) excerpts of any strategic plan or data set than helps define the challenge that your Title V project will address.  In preparation for the Institute, you might also want to spend some time discussing the Title V opportunity with key players at the institution, and giving some thought to what barriers impede the institution from increasing such metrics as retention, persistence and graduation for LatinX students.
We also encourage you to bring a laptop, since we will incorporate small writing exercises, and you will also want to do some quick research on high impact practices or relevant studies.
See you soon,
David Trujillo, HSI Grantsmanship Institute Facilitation Team

AHSIE NSF Grantsmanship Institute Presenters/Facilitators

Jeannie Kim-Han, PhD is trained as a cultural anthropologist with degrees from UCLA and California State University, Fullerton, Dr. Kim-Han is a keen observer of socio-cultural ecology both ideological and human, particularly…Read More

Caroline VanIngen-Dunn, MS is Principal Investigator of the KickStarter Program (HRD#1450661) and Director of the Science Foundation Arizona Center for STEM at Arizona State University, providing…Read More

Anna Tanguma-Gallegos is Co-Principal Investigator of the Advanced Technological Education Resource Hub (NSF DUE# 1800615) and Research Program Manager for the Science Foundation Arizona Center for STEM at Arizona State University, providing services…Read More

Cynthia Pickering, MS is Co-Principal Investigator of the Advanced Technological Education Resource Hub (NSF DUE# 1800615) and Research Program Manager for the Science Foundation Arizona Center for STEM at Arizona State University. Thirty-five years industry expertise in software engineering…Read More

Anita Grierson is a Program Officer for the KickStarter Program (HRD#1450661) and Program Manager, Research, of the Science Foundation Arizona Center for STEM at Arizona State University, providing services for Maximizing the Educational and Economic Impact of STEM. Ms. Grierson’s expertise is in her ability to articulate…Read More

Conference Location

ASU SkySong Building 3

1365 N. Scottdale Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85257