From Funding to Practice

From Funding to Practice:  A Status Report on Federal Funding and High Impact Programs among Hispanic Serving Institutions


On October 15, 2015, President Obama announced 150 Commitments to Action with a collective investment of over $335 million which will build on, and accelerate federal, state, and local investments in high-quality education, from cradle-to-career for the nation’s Latino community. The Association of HSI Educators is thrilled to be included among the selected applicants.



From Funding to Practice:  A Status Report on Title V Grants and High Impact Programs among Hispanic Serving Institutions



AHSIE will partner with Excelencia in Education, one of the nation’s most respected organizations created to promote and document Latino/a student success via a data driven analysis of educational practices.  AHSIE has received a formal commitment from Excelencia’s co-founder Deborah Santiago who currently serves as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Policy. As part of this report/commitment, AHSIE will be partnering with approximately 10 to 20 Hispanic Serving Institutions in order to feature high impact programs associated with these institutions and Title V funding.  While this list is still being formed, partner commitments have been received by the following HSIs:  University of the Incarnate Word, University of New Mexico at Taos, California State University Channel Islands, Del Mar College, University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, California State University Fullerton, Contra Costa College, MiraCosta College, Adams State University, University of LaVerne, and California State University Northridge.



The Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institutions Educators (AHSIE) commits to writing a status report on the impact of Title V federal funding and highlighting a list of best practice programs at selected Hispanic Serving Institutions.  This status report will include a historical narrative of Title V funding including milestones and trends in funding cycles.  AHSIE will identify from its member institutions a set of specific high impact programs that have had a measured impact on Latino/a student success and graduation in higher education. It is the intention of AHSIE to produce this status report as part of the 25th Anniversary Commitment to Action; yet, we intend to use this opportunity to turn this status report into an annual report.



AHSIE’s Commitment is related to Postsecondary student success and persistence to graduation for Latino/a students.  The goal of the Commitment is to produce a report that identifies cutting-edge best practices that can be replicated at other college and university campuses.  Examples of topical areas of the report include STEM, first-generation students, gender issues for Latino males/Latina females, graduate education, faculty development, and family engagement.  AHSIE will invite nominations for inclusion into the status report and will accept these nominations via a web-based application.  A variety of rubrics will be included in the application detailing an evidence-based summary of programmatic success.



The Commitment will be a report that highlights Title V funding and its successful impact on educational opportunities for Latino/a students. Moreover, this report will address academic success through the expansion and enhancement of academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability of the colleges and universities that educate the majority of Hispanic college students in the United States.  Excelencia in Education will provide access to a variety of data points in order to illustrate the national landscape of Hispanic Serving Institutions and their continued growth in American higher education.  Between 10 and 20 colleges and universities will partner with AHSIE in order to share their stories of success.  These “spotlights” will include data driven evidence, institutional profiles, and appropriate photos of students from each institution.



A description of this Commitment and request for nominations would be sent electronically to the nearly 2000 individual members of AHSIE who receive regular correspondence via the organization’s web-based email newsletter.  Additionally, the report will be shared with federal program officers from the Department of Education’s HSI Division who will in turn share it with all grant recipients, federally-elected officials, and other federal agencies.  As a result, this commitment can have a significant outreach to a variety of educational constituents insofar as growing the knowledge base and promotion of highly successful student interventions and programming that increases Latino/a college persistence.  Higher education practitioners can build or modify exiting programs with the identified best practices as a guideline.  Federally-elected officials can use this report to advocate for appropriation of funding for Hispanic Serving Institutions.  In addition to targeted distribution of this report, the report will also be made available for public consumption via the AHSIE web page. Although difficult to quantify by number, we anticipate that the audiences impacted by this report would be several thousand constituents including numerous federal agencies, state and federally-elected officials, and university administration, staff, and faculty.



The launch date for this commitment will be September 1, 2015. The completion date will be March 20, 2016.  This completion date represents the start of the AHSIE 8th Annual Best Practices Conferences hosted at California State University Channel Islands.  The publication will be set to go live online at on this date and available for free download.



The impact of this Commitment will cover a significant geographical location.  According to Excelencia in Education, currently there are 370 HSIs and 277 emerging HSIs.  This total number represents nearly 20% of all institutions of higher education.  These institutions are found in 31 states and the territory of Puerto Rico.  While the concentration of current HSIs are located in the Western and Southwestern United States, the growth of emerging HSIs expands the geographic outreach to numerous states in the Northeast and Midwest.



This Commitment is new for AHSIE.  Additionally, to date there does not exist a report that specifically focuses on Title V funding and best practices for HSIs.



This Commitment has the potential to focus on all of the cross-cutting critical areas listed under optional initiative support.  As a point of reference, AHSIE’s annual best practices conference has historically produced a diverse grouping of member-driven presentations that include a diversity of topics including gender specific programming, family outreach, STEM, and student support services.  As part of the solicitation of best practices for this report, AHSIE will focus on these critical areas as the guidepost for the status report and will actively seek to include a diversity of topical subjects related to Latino/a college student success.



The Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE) will serve as the lead organization for this Commitment.  Lead contact information is as follows:


Dr. David A. Ortiz

AHSIE Vice President

University of the Incarnate Word


About AHSIE:

The Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE) was created to support the work of Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) across the nation as they seek to provide quality educational opportunities to their students and communities. To qualify as a Hispanic Serving Institution, an institution of higher education must have a full-time undergraduate student population that is at least 25% Hispanic. These institutions are not only eligible for Title V funding through the U.S. Department of Education, but have the unique opportunity to promote higher education for Hispanic students as well as serving AHSIE’s goal of supporting educators via cooperation, networking, partnerships, information-sharing, technical assistance, and collaboration. AHSIE assists its membership via access to invaluable resources that foster growth in a number of areas including professional development, leadership, and in best practices. In addition, AHSIE’s HSI/Title V annual best practices conference provides members opportunities to network and share feedback with other HSI member institutions while learning how to effectively manage educational initiatives and maximize grant funding.

Inclusion in the AHSIE From Funding to Practice Report will only highlight a limited number of programs/institutions. Priority deadline for nominations is December 18.  Nominations received by this timeline will receive priority screening and early notification of their application’s status.  The final deadline for submissions is January 15.